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Villa Naora is fully staffed and serviced with 2 cooks/housekeepers, 2 gardeners, 1 night security guard as well a villa manager. We also have a driver on request.
All our staff members are courteous, responsive, dedicated and committed to offer to our guests the best service as a team and all this always with the famed Balinese smile.

Our 2 gardeners Sudan and Agus are taking good care of the lush tropical garden, making sure that it is always neat and clean. They are also in charge the beach cleaning, ponds and pool maintenance as well around the pool deck. They usually start early in the day to ensure that everything is ready with the pool and pool deck (lounge chairs, towels, etc) when our guests wake up and start another beautiful day at Villa Naora.

Eni and Iluh, our 2 cooks / housekeepers, are present from 8h to 13h30 and 17h to 20h30. If necessary, time can be flexible and also extended with some compensation. It is advisable to agree with them upon arrival about your preferences. Eni is mainly taking care of all meals preparation from breakfast to dinner. She is also helping for the housekeeping tasks. Iluh is responsible for all housekeeping and laundry and is also giving a hand to Eni in the kitchen whenever it is necessary.

Our night security guard Artanu is present from late afternoon until early morning. In order to ensure that the villa is never left unattended, one of our gardener will always be present until Artanu arrives and the same goes in the morning as our security guard will wait for our first gardener to arrive before leaving his duty. Although the north of Bali is a very peaceful region with extremely friendly and kind inhabitants, Artanu is here to ensure total peace of mind to our guests during the evening and night while remaining discreet and not perturbing the vacation of our guests.

Our villa manager Ketut is probably the main contact with our guests. Ketut makes all coordination between our staffs (ie planning, replacement during an absence) and is always committed to advise and help our guests during their stay at villa Naora. He is like a friend and you can always count on him, whether there are specific needs for food, medical assistance, transport, massage booking, excursions or sigh seeing organization. Ketut is also on phone standby 24/7 for any urgent assistance.

Gusti is our recommended driver for any transportations and tours during our guests stay. He is very courteous and friendly, with good knowledge of Bali and speaks very good English too.

Our staff will be on duty everyday of your stay, except when some of them need to attend a religious ceremony.